About the electronic Asthma Tracker (eAsthma Tracker)

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  • The eAsthma Tracker is a tracking tool designed to help patients in self-assessment and monitoring of their chronic asthma symptoms to facilitate early identification of deteriorations in asthma control in order to prevent severe asthma exacerbations. It generates asthma control score on a longitudinal graph and immediately prompts patients and/or parents/guardians when they are doing well, or when an action or a visit to the Primary Care Doctor is needed.
  • The eAsthma Tracker includes 4 main components:
    • A user friendly patient portal
    • Online survey questionnaire
    • Report generator system
      • Allows patients or parents/guardians to print a report (that displays the patient’s level of asthma control over time) and take it to the doctor’s office for their scheduled appointment.
      • The report is used to help the doctor see ongoing changes in patient’s asthma control that happen between visits and that can facilitate medical decision.
    • Decision support and feedback system
      • Based on a patient’s level of asthma control, specific recommendations are generated.
  • The eAsthma Tracker uses the Asthma Symptom Tracker (AST) (a short questionnaire, which is the most commonly used tool to determine level of asthma control), which has been adapted and validated for use in children 2-18 years of age for weekly assessment of asthma control.
  • The eAsthma Tracker uses a color-coded graph and provides decision support to enhance asthma self-monitoring and management.
    • : well-controlled
    • : not-well controlled
    • : poorly-controlled

In addition:

  • The eAsthma Tracker allows patients to personalize their profile in order to receive reminders and alerts when their asthma control deteriorates to facilitate early action.
  • The eAsthma Tracker provides age-specific educational resources for patients and parents/guardians.
  • The eAsthma Tracker has links to asthma-related games and interactive tools to help patients to better understand their asthma.

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